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University of Vermont, H1b reform and international students health insurance

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The University of Vermont (佛蒙特大学) is located in Burlington, Vermont, USA. It was built in 1791. In the same year, Vermont became the fourth state in the United States. It is the oldest public research type in the United States. One of the universities, the 20th established institution since the founding of the United States, and the fifth university established in New England, is second only to Harvard University, Yale University, Dartmouth College and Brown University. As a first-rate, small public university, the University of Vermont focuses on research and has multiple research centers and institutions focused on health, the environment, education, and agriculture. Of the 900 universities supported by the federal government for research and development, the University of Vermont received nearly $125 million in annual research and development funding.

The “2019 US Immigration Reform Key Plan”, which has major changes in immigration and visa policies( also known as h1b改革), will have a huge impact on the majority of immigrant applicants.

The Department of Homeland Security proposes to revise the definition of the Specialty occupation to limit the application and issuance of H1B(also known as h1b签证), with the aim of issuing work visas to “the smartest and best foreigners”.

In addition, the H1B lottery rules will change. The current method is to draw 20,000 places with a master’s degree or above. If you do not have a US Master’s degree or above, you will participate in a lottery with a total of 65,000 places. The lottery rules will be changed to first draw all applicants into 65,000 regular places for lottery. If the upper limit is reached, then 20,000 places will be drawn from the remaining master’s and above applicants. The change will result in a 15% increase in the H1B success rate for master’s degree or above, which means that the probability of H1B applicants undergraduate and below will be relatively low. It fully shows the orientation of the H1B visa to the “smartest and best foreigner”.

In addition, there is a proposal to “require employers to pay reasonable wages to H1B holders”. This proposal is to give H1B more professional talents and avoid the abuse of H1B under the premise of giving priority to protecting the interests of American workers. The proposal is expected to take effect in August 2019. Once the proposal is implemented, it will mean that the Chinese students of the undergraduate degree want to directly pass the threshold of H1B staying in the United States.

For International students, they stay in States for longer period. So, it is more necessary for them to choose a good health insurance (also known as 美国留学生保险推荐), so they do not have to panic if they got sick. University will offer students health insurance, but it’s usually very expensive. Fortunately, there are many different options from other companies offer international student health care plans as alternative. Even if you graduated and you are on OPT, those companies also offer OPT health care plans (also known as opt保险).

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