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Some Tips on How to Play the Piccolo

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A piccolo is an instrument made of wood or plastic and silver, or sometimes a combination of these materials. It is deemed a half sized flute which play the higher range of notes. Piccolos are mostly used in orchestral pieces and there are a few pieces written particularly for it. When it comes to learning to play the piccolo, you will notice that though the fingerings are quite similar to that of a flute, the embouchure and other difference do need a separate effort to learn.

This article outlines the basics to begin with to play this lovely instrument.

  1. Learn to play the flute first

Piccolo is quite similar to the flute, hence you should know how to play the flute first. If you play in a band or an orchestra, it is quite likely that you won’t be playing piccolo all your life, which is also dependent on the kind of pieces the ensemble plays. This is why you should have the versatility to be able to play the flute as well.

  1. Choose a piccolo on the basis of your use and level of your proficiency

When it comes to plastic or silver plated metal piccolos, they are inexpensive than wood or silver piccolos. Plastic piccolos are durable for marching purposes and lets out a fair quality sound. Wooden piccolos provide a more mellow timber than the metal counterpart. A famous compromise joins together a metal head joint with a body composed of wood. Two materials combined can cause inconsistencies but they also react different to the changing temperatures.

  1. Gather the following things listed below:
  1. Piccolo
  2. Case Tuning rod
  3. Small silk or cotton cloth or a swab
  4. Electronic tuner/metronome
  5. Polishing cloth
  6. Cork grease
  7. Oil

  1. Consider investing in a flute teacher who will help you give the private lessons on how to play it

This method will help you grasp the basics, the mistakes you will probably make and rectify your flaws.

  1. Learn the range of a piccolo

Flute fingerings will give away the same notes on a piccolo, but only an octave higher. Music is penned one octave below the concert pitch. It might take some time to get acquainted to the notes you play and the ones on the page. Refer to the piccolo fingering chart for more.

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