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Playing Hotel California on the acoustic guitar

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Many young people who are trying to learn how to play the acoustic guitar do that because of the song called Hotel California. This super hit is a song with beautiful melodies, perfect arrangement, and mystic lyrics.

The history

Don Felder (the author) talked about how he composed the song in the autobiographical book called “Heaven and Hell: My Life in The Eagles”. In those times, he played the 12-string guitar in a rented beach house in Malibu. It was difficult to sift through chords, and suddenly the melody seemed to come from nowhere. Fry helped to finish the song, and Henley worked on the lyrics. The composition came out as a single in February 1977 and immediately became a real super multinational hit. You can download sheet music guitar on the Internet.

Meaning of the song

The main mystery of Hotel California for a long time was covered in its text. Fans were wondering what the author says here. Among the vast number of opinions can be identified several of the most striking. The first opinion was formed in the eighties. A certain group of Christians suggested that the song tells about a hotel that Anton La Vey bought to turn it into the Church of Satan. Secondly, according to one of the opinions, the text refers to a hospital for the mentally ill in Camarillo. Finally, no less popular was the version that the song is talking about the rehabilitation center for drug addicts. There is also a romantic interpretation of the song, due which the song describes a romantic relationship.

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