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How Do I Lip Sync?

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To lip sync, short for lip synchronisation, is mouthing the words to a recorded song in perfect time with them, creating the illusion that you are singing the song. It takes practice with the particular song to get it right. Popular singers who perform elaborate dance routines often lip sync their tunes, especially if they are having voice problems or technical difficulties.

  • In some occasions, even musicians might sync for the very same reasons.

Getting it Perfect

Should you wish to try lip syncing and get it perfect, your first step is to select the song, which should be ideally a tune that you are already familiar with.

  • You can try and practice singing the song along with the original recording, as many times as you can.
  • If you prefer to actually sing the song yourself, you can try finding vocal backing tracks online.

By way of using a mirror, you can then watch yourself in order to help you see how effective you are at synchronisation. You can also try putting on different facial expressions and body motions to go with the song.

Going All the Way

To successfully lip sync, you will need to do more than just sing, because just standing there with a mic in your hand isn’t going to make much of a performance. If you are hoping to record your act for various websites, family or friends, you should consider some kind of choreography.

  • In lip synchronisation, as in the real world of music, slightly exaggerated gestures and interpretation are typical factors of imitation.

Getting Dressed Up

Your costume will also be a vital part of your production, so try dressing suitably to match whatever music you are singing along to. You may wish to wear an evening dress or tuxedo to lip sync along to a ballad, or fake leather and lots of hair for a famous rock song.

Lip Syncing is used a Lot More Than Most People Would Believe

A lot of the performers you see on TV, whose trademarks shows include intricate and vigorous dance routines will often lip sync during their live shows.

  • Because singing whilst dancing, (and especially if the dancing is somewhat strenuous), can be at times very difficult.

The demand for the perfect concert, with today’s technical effects and complicated staging, will frequently make lip syncing the only method for the musical artist to fully satisfy his or her fans’ expectations.

But Not for Some Fans 

There are some performers who make use of lip sync, who are often criticised or panned for doing so, even when certain types of shows happen to demand it.

And if you haven’t guessed it, in a wide range of musical performances in films and on TV, actors and actresses will more than often lip sync to the music, which is then dubbed in later on to cover any kind of ambient noise to ensure the perfect sound.

Love it or hate it, lip sync is here to stay!

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