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Best MP3 Songs Player Applications

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Musicolet is the most preferred mp3 song player application with hell lot of features. It’s unique and desirable features are what makes it distinct from other mp3 music players. It does not contains any ads. The best feature of musicolet is that you can control everything with a touch to your earphone button. A single click on the button pauses the song for you. If you click the button twice, it plays the next song. Three clicks means turning back to the previous track. This is one great application with multiple features.


All of us like to sing the song when it’s playing. But sometimes most of us do not know the lyrics. You all don’t have to worry anymore because musixmatch is here. Musixmatch shows you the lyrics to the song that is playing. One con is that it is not ad free. If the ad annoys you, you can purchase premium version of the player application. Moreover, anyone can search any song on musixmatch by the song’s name, singer’s name or you can enter few words of the song and it will perform rest of the searches for you.

BackPlayer Music Player

BackPlayer Music Player is yet another mp3 naa songs player application that is loved by many of its users. It has many desirable and unique features. This music player is unique in a sense that it is very easy to control. It only takes a single swipe to control it. BackPlayer Music Player is totally ad free. It does not contain any ads. Anyone can easily look up for this music player In the Play store. It is completely free. It also have a paid version. If you want to enjoy more features, you can buy the paid version of BackPlayer Music Player.

N7player Music Player

N7player Music Player has many innovative features, which makes it unique from other mp3 music players. It comes with a very different, stylish, and unique display. In order to play any music or to view any track, all you have to do is to zoom in and out to the desired folder. You can put all of your favorite tracks in a different folder i.e. you can customize it by making different folder containing music of a specific genre. N7player Music Player is not free. It offers a free trial period for 14 days. After that if you like the application, you can pay for it and download it from the Google Play store. Who wouldn’t want to pay a little to enjoy such amazing features?

Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player is very simple as compared to other telugu mp3 songs download music player applications. But it doesn’t mean it lacks features. It is no less than other music players. After you get the app, they ask you to choose a theme. You can change the theme later if you don’t like it anymore. Pi Music Player allows you to make multiple playlists of your favorite songs from different genres. You can download it for free from the Play store and enjoy its features.

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